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12 Powerful Words

These are the 12 powerful words that will help students do better in their academics and on their state tests.

Trace - List in steps

Analyze - Break apart

Infer - Read between the lines

Evaluate - Judge

Formulate - Create

Describe - Tell all about

Support - Back up with details

Explain - Tell how

Summarize - The short version

Compare - All the ways they are alike

Contrast - All the ways they are different

Predict - What will happen next

Things you can do on a daily basis with your child to help him or her learn the words include:
  • asking your child to use the words when doing homework
  • have a conversation with your child using one or more of the words as a focus
  • point out when you see the word(s) at your workplace
  • use the words during a meal
  • make up questions using the words
  • add the words to the front of the refrigerator. Review one word each morning.
By working together, we can help each student be a success every day!