There’s nothing like attending an athletic or sports event in person, experiencing the thrills and cheers from a live crowd while watching one’s favorite athlete compete to win. Much like these athletes and their fans, Salem-Keizer Public Schools wants to continue the joy of this in-person tradition and, we can, if we have everyone’s help.

Salem-Keizer Sports Fans, you can help reduce the spread of Covid 19 in our schools by always wearing your face coverings during school games. Doing so, will allow SKPS to keep hosting in-person events without having to reduce the number of spectators.

So, what can we do?

Follow safety protocols. Wear face coverings when gathering in school athletic stadiums, fields and gyms, and remember to do so regardless of vaccination status.

COVID-19 continues to have an unfair advantage and does not discriminate, but we can change that by working together to reduce the spread in our school facilities and communities. Simply, follow health and safety protocols. The surest way to stop the spread is by wearing a face covering, frequently hand washing and physically distance to the greatest extent possible as we cheer on our favorite athlete or team to victory.

Can we count on us?

Yes! Together we will make this a successful 2021-22 school year.